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  Paragliding School Brighton Sussex

Airsports Paragliding - Shoreham Airport - West Sussex - BN43 5FF

Elementary Pilot Course 495
plus BHPA membership
60 for 3 months - 104 annual

The days do not have to be taken all at once, you can book-in when you like,  the duty instructor will make a decision the night before training. If the weather is bad you just re-book. Elementary pilot takes on average 4 to 5 days

Progress as quickly and as safely as possible with:-

       The only all wind direction private site in the South.
       Small groups.
       Relaxed atmosphere.
       Dedicated BHPA instructors.
       Modern certified equipment.

The paragliding licence is split into 2 parts Elementary and Club. At Elementary you will be flying from the top to the bottom of the hill, turning left and right and spot landing, with some theory this marks a half way stage to getting a full licence.

Paragliding is extremely addictive and hopefully at this point you are fully hooked and want more. Please click here to book a course.

Club Pilot training 449

Club Pilot is the next stage and you will be learning how to take off from the top of a hill  flying along a ridge  and landing back on top. No more walking up the hill! Once Club Pilot you are free to leave the school and fly unsupervised.

Club Pilot takes about 5 days.

If you wish to gain more experience we encourage club pilots to fly with the school or maybe come on one of our many holidays.

The British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association control Paragliding in the UK.
To fly, and for us to teach you Paragliding, you will need to take out a BHPA membership this is mandatory.

 FREE training is available on all new and second hand equipment.
Please contact the office for full details
01903 879241 - info@airsports.co.uk